The 10-Year Kia Assurance

Buying a new or a used vehicle can be stressful. There is a considerable amount of money on the line and you want the assurance of knowing you are buying a car that will exceed your every expectation. When there is a warranty included with the purchase, much of the stress is alleviated and you can buy a car with confidence. If you are buying a Kia, you are in luck because the manufacturer offers one of the best warranties in the industry.


Kia puts an amazing 10-year warranty on their new and used automobiles manufactured after 2008. Yes, buyers of a Kia enjo a full 10 years of worry-free vehicle use when they buy their vehicle. That assurance is certainly second-to-none. This warranty allows drivers confidence in their initial purchase and that they are getting more for their money than what other manufacturers offer. The 10-year warranty is great, without doubt. But, what’s included in Kia’s ten year warranty?

This cool warranty offers up to 100,000 miles of protection for car buyers, including a limited powertrain warranty, roadside assistance, a basic limited warranty, and an anti-perforation warranty on all vehicles 2008 model year or newer. There are many types of vehicle warranties, but Kia offers more than most manufacturers offer.  It is easy to drive your Kia automobile with 100% confidence that it will take care of your needs for a long time to come.

You work hard for your money and deserve a vehicle that will superseded your needs and expectations, not frustrate you and waste that cash. With the many other attributes that the Kia brand offers, drivers should not look elsewhere when they need a car that they’ll love. The warranty is just one extra way that Kia takes care of their customers.